Thursday, February 22, 2018

CPTPP and information overload

The TPP has given way to the CPTPP. A lot has been written about these agreements. The new text is out. 

This recent blogpost took me to the New Zealand website on CPTPP.

What is interesting is the information overload - the extent of information on the agreement, it's impact on domestic policies and what is in it for the country. There is a 'national interests' analysis including a Maori interest analysis too. The information is a good lesson in laying out the various aspects of a trade agreement transparently!

The agreement itself runs into pages but what would engage researchers in the coming days is the differences with the original TPP text - a number of original provisions have been suspended. An analysis of suspended provisions that impact New Zealand is laid out here. Exceptions prove the rule?

Sunday, February 18, 2018

ISDS and State to State dispute settlement

Investor State Dispute Settlement has been in the news for many reasons. It has received attention not only in the developing world but also the developed world, of late.

This recent piece on State to State dispute settlement as an alternative to ISDS in the Kluwer Arbitration Blog is an interesting read.

Can State to State dispute settlement, a la WTO dispute settlement, be the real answer?

We are back!

It has been a long hiatus from blogging - for various obvious reasons.

But, treadthemiddlepath is back and will be more regular now.