Thursday, April 29, 2021

The ideation of currency manipulation

A paper that goes beyond the roles of the WTO, IMF and determination fo what constitutes currency manipualton is Caitlin Conyers "The Ideational Dimension of Currency Manipulation" which charts the boundaries of the roles of the WTO and IMF, the complexity of defining what currency msalignment really is and what are the underlying motivations for the debate to come to the foreground as a trade barrier.

The paper touches upon the jurisdictional limits of the IMF, WTO to address currency manipulation, the attempts so far to address teh issue and what is in store in terms of international norm setting with mega trade deals. 

The paper would need to be revisited in the context of the countervailing steps being taken now, the strengthening of the Treasury Reports on currency manipulation as well as formalisation of legal rules in mega-regionals as a standard for the debate.

Interesting read nevertheless.

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