Friday, February 17, 2012

India, subsidies and WTO

Here is my op-ed with Gulzar in  on the complex nature of domestic policies in the context of WTO commitments.


Tiru said...

Interesting read. I agree with all the points you and Mr Gulzar raise. I hope you are aware of deemed exports policy of GoI (under chapter 8 of FTP). It is one step towards what your argue for. UMPPs are covered in it. Sector specific issues of different sectors can be slowly brought under this. This chapter of FTP is going to grow in coming years (in my opinion!). However, the other two points of the article, regarding fighting at WTO and renegotiating SCM itself, I wonder what's the way forward, or if any action is happening on that front or not.

Srikar said...

Thanks for the inputs on the FTP.