Sunday, March 3, 2013

Welcome, Tajikistan!

For those who missed it, Tajikistan became the 159th member of the multilateral trade institution, WTO on March 2nd 2013 after almost a decade of accession negotiations that began in 2001.

"As part of the accession accord, Tajikistan has agreed to undertake a series of important commitments to further open its trade regime and accelerate its integration in the world economy. The deal offers as well a transparent and predictable environment for trade and foreign investment. 
Tajikistan would apply WTO provisions uniformly throughout its entire territory, including in regions engaging in border trade, special economic zones and areas where special regimes for tariffs, taxes and regulations were established. 
From the date of accession, Tajikistan has committed to fully apply all WTO provisions without any recourse to transitional periods. It committed to join the Information Technology Agreement upon accession and will submit an application for membership of the Government Procurement Agreement within one year of its accession."

More the merrier, I guess...

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