Thursday, April 25, 2013

Multi-stakeholder Panel submits report

I had earlier blogged about a multi-stakeholder panel that was constituted by the DG WTO to recommend measures for the future of the multilateral trading system. 

The Stakeholder Panel has submitted its report and it is found here.

 Future of Trade
The Future of Trade: The Challenges of ConvergenceReport of the Panel on Defining the Future of Trade convened by WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy

The summary of the recommendations - The need for:

  • convergence of the trade regimes of the WTO members, reflective of the evolution of their progressive economic and social development
  • convergence of the non-multilateral regimes with the multilateral trading system
  • convergence between trade and other public policies, i.e. greater coherence in non-tariff measures
  • convergence of trade and other domestic policies, such as education, innovation and social safety nets.

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