Monday, March 3, 2014

Taking disputes to their logical end - Seeking retaliation in WTO disputes

This piece on "retaliation" in trade disputes in the WTO is found in the VoxEU. The piece talks about a pattern of how countries have sought compliance of WTO decisions. It also indicates the various types, strategies and means of seeking retaliation which includes cross retaliation to more commonly used retaliation methods.
"The purpose of this investigation was to identify key trends in the WTO dispute settlement system, in particular in the design of retaliation requests. Practice has demonstrated that additional effort is also put into the implementation of these measures once they are authorised. Nonetheless, the original retaliation request – the first opportunity for an offended member country to induce compensation or compliance – is an important tool, and analysing it helps understand countries’ behaviour and goals when pursuing WTO disputes."
It only shows that at times merely initiating a dispute and getting a decision is not the end of the game in WTO disputes. I had earlier blogged about cross retaliation hereCompliance and seeking retaliation is the next big battle.

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