Monday, February 4, 2013

Businesses and the WTO - A survey

How do businesses think the WTO should function? A recent survey conducted by the WTO with about 300 businesses provides some answers:
"95% believe the work of the WTO is vital for businesses. 
97% believe that trade plays a role in generating growth and creating jobs. 
72% think that the WTO has been successful in ensuring that governments comply with their commitments. 
62% believe that the Doha Round can deliver benefits to businesses."
The response to the WTO website is indicative of the great source of information it actually is:
Information provided by the WTO 
89% of businesses find the information provided on the WTO website relevant to their international activities. 
82% would like to have a dedicated WTO web area for the business community. 
95% are interested in receiving an electronic newsletter with WTO news and information. 
80% are satisfied with WTO outreach efforts (website, social media, the Public Forum, WTO briefings and visits)."
While business and corporates are not officially participants in the WTO process at the international level (with governments representing their interests), this probably is an effort from the multilateral institution to reach out to stakeholders other than member states represented by governments. To what extent these interests will or should get involved in decision making of the WTO is an entirely different debate involving issues of what constitutes national interest as well as the complexities of representation,for another day and another blogpost! 

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