Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Buy French - Rumblings of protectionism in the EU?

I have blogged about the issue of protectionism consistently whether by the developed world or enveloping countries. The trend is increasing across the globe due to a variety of factors and in various forms. This piece related to the history of the "protectionist" ethos in France.

Reuters recently reported that a French Minister had announced that consumers must encourage buying local French products. Simon Lester, in his inimitable way, has highlighted this at the IELP blog here.

Favouring domestic goods in comparison to imported goods is a clear violation of GATT non-discrimination provisions. However, whether this is a mere statement/intent/pronouncement  or is a clear enunciation of policy is unclear. If it is a statute/regulation/policy a WTO member could challenge France at the WTO. However, if it is only a case of political rhetoric or opinion, there is nothing much anyone can do.

Rumblings of protectionism in the EU?

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