Friday, October 26, 2012

Made in China and coffins

The "Made in China" syndrome pervades life generally. One need not look too far and wide to find that toy or shirt that is made in China. Signs of a globalized world or ineffective antidumping measures? I had blogged about this issue here.

Came across this interesting piece in the Deccan Herald, a local newspaper in India about Chinese made coffins coming into the market in the State of Kerala:
"A variety of products have flooded Indian market after the liberalisation process was initiated two decades ago and the latest one to make its entry is 'made in China' coffins. 
A consignment containing 170 coffins have arrived in Kerala with a Alappuzha district-based company entering into a tie-up with a firm in Shanghai."
Just could not resist the irony of the "death" of local manufacturing and the importation of Chinese coffins. Trade does tell us a story. 

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